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Following business justification and vendor selection, the first part on applying a cloud service is assembling the team. This is crucial step in the implementation process and the time to identify key resources to oversee the project and ensure its success. The roles include governance board or steering committee, C-level administrator (Executive Sponsor), Project Manager, Functional and Technical Leads.

Install/ Configure New Software Solution

Configuration involves installing the software and configuring its capabilities to prepare to meet your business requirements. Some of your requirements will be fulfilled immediately upon installation, while others will require the software to be set up or “configured” first. For example, if you are implementing a Customer Management system you may want your customers to be assigned to certain target markets. The software may have a place for target markets but not necessarily the target markets your business uses. If you are implementing a Financial System, you may want taxes charged on invoices to some customers and not others. The software may have a place for customer tax differentiation, but you will need to modify it to suit your specific business needs.

What you will find when you are finished with configuring the software is that it now “works” but parts of your requirements are still not meet. These requirements will be met by customizations.

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